KGLS feels proud to work with different organization.Some of our projects are finished,some are ongoing whereas some are on planning.


1.Chhiring Foundation, American NGO   ( finished)

Chhiring are based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA, and helped build the new Langtang Health Clinic after the devastating earthquake of 2015. The Chhiring team came to visit the valley both before reconstruction work started, and again in November 2017 when the new health post was complete

2.PSD Nepal, Nepali NGO  (ongoing )

PSD – the Partnership for Sustainable Development – are a local Nepali NGO based in Kathmandu. They have been helping support the work of plastic recycling and upcycling in the Langtang Valley, with the help of  KGLS community

3.NAFA Nourishes, American NGO (ongoing )

NAFA – the Nepali Adoptive Families Association – works  with the nurses of the Langtang Health Clinic, providing additional supplies to the medical post, training for the local nurse and health assistant, as well as public consultation and health awareness days. NAFA are based in Manhattan, USA

4.Anitié Association, Swiss NGO        (planning)

The team from Anitié in Switzerland, have been in contact with KGLS and are starting to support the Langtang Health Clinic in Mundu. Their help will be directed towards equipment, as needed, in the health post, as well as the compensation of the staff of the clinic in the valley