KanjenGumba Langtang Society – KGLS

Langtang Valley Pic (3) KGLS – the KanjenGumba Langtang Society – is a community-led local board of villagers from Langtang and Mundu in Rasuwa district, Nepal.

We exist to serve the needs of local people in Langtang. This includes student sponsorship, health clinics, and social welfare programs in the valley.

Langtang Valley was severely struck by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Before the earthquake, KGLS worked with Virginia Dixon and the Australian-led ‘Langtang Valley Health’ (LVH) organisation.

After the 2015 earthquake, KGLS is working with ‘Sustainable Steps Nepal’ (Canadian iNGO) on reconstruction work in the Langtang Valley.

KGLS is also partnering with the Chhiring Foundation (American iNGO) on the reconstruction of the Langtang Valley Health Post. This was completed in November 2017.

Please contact us to be involved in locally-led projects in the Langtang Valley, health work, and student sponsorship.


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